With more than 400,000 members in over 160 countries, 100,000 student members, and 1,855  student branches at colleges and universities in 80 countries, ieee is the world’s largest  professional association dedicated to advancing technological innovation and excellence for the  benefit of the humanity. Gokaraju rangaraju institute of engineering and technology has  encouraged the student body


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if you hadn’t been hit by the formula 1 fever, there was no escaping it on sunday,  30th october , when the kings of speed enthralled the indian audience with their  speed and skill in what was a spine tingling, ear splitting, high octane, adrenaline-  pumping  inaugural indian grand prix. Before the race ended, there


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Whether it is the mimic attitude of the society or whether it is short sighted vision of the budding youngsters or whether it is a problem of corporation of education, whatever may be the reason, education system in india is on the verge of an implosion with a problem of abundance. India produces around 750,000


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Pragnya, an annual level technical symposium conducted by Gokaraju Rangaraju institute of engineering and technology has won the interest of students over years ,for its unique platform to exhibit their technical expertise in their respective engineering fields. The IEEE student branch was privileged to take up the opportunity of organizing this technical fest. The fest


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  Back with a bang…! August,the patriotic month…in which we celebrate our 64th independence day is fully loaded with the charisma and also little amount of panic for the current passing out students,with the placement process beginning in advance!!!! Wishing every indian a very happy independence day…and all the final years all the very best…the gem is


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The city of sails, is an amazing place to be with friends. From the moment the we landed in auckland to the time we got back home..what an amazing time it was!!! Venturing out onto queens street at midnight in search of food, the patty less veg burger that prasanna and i ate at mcd


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K.sushma Cse b,ii year As the day begins with golden rays, brightens the clouds, sparkles the rivers,smiles the flowers, wishing a welcome for new hope. Rejoicing the beautiful dreams, to reach the heights starts the foot, with lots of expectations for glory hope gives the breath for the start Though everything is lost,future exists with

K. Bhasker rao , V. Nagarjuna reddy Civil engineering “god has created world but we civilized it………” “we” stands to be civil engineers .civil meant to be C-creation with courage in construction I-is V-very I-important in L-life So without blinking our eyes in vein let us jump in to the topic. When i was in

The accumulated human knowledge of the universal elements can be integrated with space-age technology to serve human needs on earth; its timeless materials and timeless principles can also help achieve humanity’s quest beyond this planet. Two such areas of knowledge are in earth architecture and ceramics, which could be the basis for a breakthrough in


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Department of civil engineering Civil engineering is one of the oldest engineering stream which utilizes latest technology for good cause. Nanotechnology has the potential to make construction faster, cheaper, safer, and more varied. Nanotechnology allows the working of massive constructions rapidly The use of nanotechnology involves in development of new concepts which can improve properties cement