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Geoinformatics Introduction: It is now evident that high productivity and growth rates achieved during the green revolution era are no longer being sustained to meet the needs of still increasing population in the country. Past growth sources have nearly exhausted and there is also no scope for expansion of crop land. Indeed for competing land


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JUVENTEX (learn, research & apply) In early parts of our life, we have watched many cartoon shows where in the good man learns a technique or a power that he finally uses to kill the bad man. Of course, even the recent movie makers are relying on this strategy. The theme that is well concealed

1.ten weights will balance either 50 gold coins or 40 silver coins.since only 20 gold coins are used,that means the weight of 30 gold coins is to be used by the silver coins.the weights are in a 4 to 5 ratio, and 4/5 of,24 silver coins should be added to the 20 gold coins


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1.the three words below can be rearranged into two words that are also three words! Can you decipher this curious puzzle? “the red rows” this quickly:write down twelve thousand twelve hundered confused….???  


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  Diaspora- an open alternative to facebook Diaspora, an open and distributed social network, gives you the opportunity to enjoy the fruits of social networking along with the ultimate control of data in your hand. Diaspora is being developed by young minds of courant institute of mathematical sciences,newyork university. Dan grippi, maxwell salzberg, raphael sofaer,


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This march started with a bang…pulse’11 was rocking as ever…and we did feel the beat! The pleasant concert of geetha madhuri and the amazing performance of suraj jagan sent the waves of music all through the college…and it was my pleasure to take part in this event…!!! As usual…the events in the college started at

Ndtv…good times

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Lifestyle-the dictionary meaning of this word generally refers to the way a person lives. All of us have our own way living life and having fun. Do we need a tv soap or a book to tell us or inform us about our lifestyle? Most of us would say no to that question. I would say we


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Everytime we have a problem we find that solace with our parents.every time we need to share our feelings we turn towards our parents.the strength we get from our parents and our family can never be measured a any point of time.parents Give away their future for the betterment of their kids. But in the

Let’s stand by…

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Japan,the land of the raising sun,the land of technology and innovation,was shattered by the nature with its power. A high scaled earthquake,followed by tsunami and a fire accident in one of the nuclear plants,all struck japan at once.yet the japanese prove that they are strong and are facing their situation boldly. It is time for us to


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The month of heat and exams…was given a rocking welcome by us!With the most awaited event in Our academic calender,pulse held in this month,we hope that energy would be flowing all round the month. But,as the working days are geting shorter and shorter,the feeling that this semester also is slipping away,is showing its gravity! The