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  1 zero.the fisherman caught 3,6,9 and 12 fish on the secong,third,fourth and fifth day,respectively.if we let x represent the number of fish caught on the first day,then X+(x+3)+(x+6)+(x+9)+(x+12)=30 => x=0) 2 in one day ,nine men work at a rate of x compared to 7 women who work at a rate of y.this can


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1. If one type of weight can balance 5 gold coins or 4 silver coins, then ten weights of the same type can balance 20 gold coins and how many silver coins in the same scale pan? 2 .heres a punchy clue to a series question.cubes and squares can be one and the same,but if


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  One of the dan brown’s famous works which runs around the ancient facts and modern believes of the Christianity definitely worth a reading.the story runs in a french environment where the curator of the Louvre museum is assasinated by an monk who is set upon the mission to find the hidden sceret that is

REUDO 2011

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  Griet is flying with colours….higher than ever this feb…with the first ever environmental fest conducted by the Bme department ruedo on feb 9! The eco fest had its mark and personally i was too elated to be a part of the first ever eco-fest of our college. Everybody contributed nothing but their best to


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  The republic day in our college also celebrated as the annual day of the college was surely a memorable Day or a day of honour for every grietian.this republic day was no less and we had a remarkable Experience as we had the opportunity of having the hrd minister mrs.d.purandeshwari admist us! The other

My memories of BTECH LIFE

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  After schooling, life has been boring for two long years, as always been  studying, studying  and only studying…………………… Its only after that i have joined engineering, i have been into an adventurous world of acquiring all sorts of scientific, Mathematical, economical and other aspects into this real world. Engineering  has been something special for


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  With gate in this month is surely gonna be month of stress to all aspirants as they have got to Revise many subjects and concepts,and ofcourse retain them,balancing with their regular academics. Besides their endeavours these current bookaholics should definitely take care of their health,without which all Their hardwork would go in vain.


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A month has slipped away and it appears as if  we have celebrated the new year only yesterday…. Can’t believe that time is flying so fast…! February,the month of affection…and ofcoure the month of hope for the aspirants of gate has Reached its mid  too!Mid exams and their results, semester results,everything raises new hopes,new goals,etc.


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  1. A professional bass fisherman caught 30 bass during a five day tournament. Each day,he caught three more fish than the day many fish did he catch the first day? 2.nine men and seven women pick as much corn in five days as seven men and eleven women pick in four days.who are


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You can win! Shiv khera’s awesome work meant for anyone and everyone is a high valued book which circles around lifeand the way it is meant to be lived.for sure after reading this book we realise the importance of attitude in every walk our life. It is a mistake if we consider it to be one