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Every year we look into the improving figures of literacy around the world, hear our political leaders giving continuous speeches on how in their specified political leadership time of five years the number of literate people has considerably increased in India. The scenario remains constant in almost every country of the world, where the figures certainly boast of increase in the number of hands that can write, a constant increase in the number of children who can perform mathematical calculations or on a broader scale, are educated. The major question here is if this increase is just the rise in the numbers of those who go to school or those who are genuinely educated.

Being educated in general is not just defined as being able to read out lines from a famous poem or being able to recite the tables of multiplication from memory, in fact the essence of education in its true meaning is much above these things. “Schooling” today definitely guarantees better grades and a great job in the future but the enhancement of knowledge and improvement in attitude which is in fact what school is all about are not parts of the list of guarantees that come along with almost every school prospectus today.

Taking a look at the latest statistics the literacy rate shows an improvement from a mere 11% in 1950 to 75.03% today in India. This growth is pretty much constant in all the countries of the world. But the point here is

That along with dramatic and positive change in the numbers of the educated came the steadily rising number of people involved in corruption, scams and other illegal activities. So the question that arises is why? Isn’t education supposed to teach people the difference between what is wrong and what is right? And if that is the case then this increase should not have been around. The essence of wisdom and knowledge is missing from today’s competitive world. Today all that people remember and think about is what their grades are how they can improve it. Am not saying that this is not important, but apart from that there is a lot to look forward to from the whole word called “education”. Not only this, the other problem with the current education system in india is the serious lack of co-curricular activities in which the students are interested as well as talented in but cannot take it up as profession for the sole reason that it has never been encouraged by the system of india.

An improvement in the quality of education is what is required and not the increase in the number of people who are undoubtedly educated but cannot make a responsible citizen. This can be achieved only when the management in schools and colleges gives equal importance to the students’ interests by incorporating activities as a part of the curriculum and also by imparting moral education that shall give them a proper sense of judgement when they are faced with dilemmas in their life.

Nowadays, many colleges all over india have already started taking their first step towards achieving this goal by initiating different clubs and also conducting various seminars on topics of interest rather than the technical and study-oriented seminars once in a while. Griet is also putting their effort in this direction as plans are on to initialize 20 clubs relating to various spheres for the purpose of improvement in the quality of education. This is what is required if we wish to see not only a rising graph of the number of educated people but also an exponentially decreasing graph in the number of people involved in illegal scams. Let us students’ also take charge of this responsibility by enhancing our knowledge and getting the best out of “education”.


Vidhi mittal

Cse 2nd yr.

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