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Well we feel relieved that we are done with our boards but the actual fun in life starts when most of us join one of the multi branch, prison like junior colleges,

Amazing people they are!!They have single handedly redefined the definition of education from learning to cramming. I mean do they even realise that you have conveniently ruined generations with their epic policies some of which include

The poor souls are forced to sit for hours together forcing weird formulae into their heads from 7 to 6 or 9 to 9 or 8 to 7…..depending on the sections they are divided into…

Do not waste your time making notes or reading the text books, we will give you notes you people just cram.

If you are not in the top section, that is it you are not fit to be successful, your  value is as much as that of a cockroach.

The language books..duh who needs them??Do not even bother to buy them..we will give you notes. You do not have to know sanskrit or french to score full marks .just cram our notes.

Labs? Practical? Do not bother about them. You do not get ranks by them. Do not worry about lack of practicals. Labs will mysteriously appear a month before exam in one of the store rooms of the college.

Clarify your doubts from the junior lecturers…(ya right!!It would just increase your doubts about their literacy)

We are so busy focusing on the above, losing our self confidence and feeling like cockroaches that we do not realise that our exams are approaching..we conveniently try to remember what has been taught in 2 years in 2 weeks….

Education is important but making it completely exam oriented and marks oriented is troubling. Our parents keep telling us how they climbed trees or played marbles, hide n seek during their childhood. I guess our generation will tell our kids about some das gupta book which we have finished in a month.

Is n’t this scenario troubling in the long run??Can we do something to change it or are we supposed to accept that the world has cut throat competition and this is the only way to succeed?

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