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JUVENTEX (learn, research & apply)

In early parts of our life, we have watched many cartoon shows where in the good man learns a technique or a power that he finally uses to kill the bad man. Of course, even the recent movie makers are relying on this strategy. The theme that is well concealed in all of them is/was that, ” the good man learns the technique by enduring all the suffering, researches the pros and cons of using it and finally applies it against the bad man to make a happy ending” .

With this very perception of ours, we, the students of griet, are trying to establish a platform that helps all of us to share our matured knowledge, in various fields of technology. Recently, an official launching of juventex website ( has taken place and you can also find it on facebook (

“there’s nothing we do without expecting anything in return” (basic human psychology). As a platform, we connect you to the network of peers

Who are a step higher or lower than you in some sense. So, this brings in the need for knowledge transfer to establish the equilibrium, which results in filling your vessel. We as admins, try to provide you the basic amenities to make your time on the

Ground luxurious.

“the efficiency of your usage of the tool is more important than the efficiency of the tool”. With this, we humbly request your active participation on the site or the page, as of your convenience, to make our dream a better one to be proud of.

For more details visit or . You can also contact us at


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