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Department of civil engineering

Civil engineering is one of the oldest engineering stream which utilizes latest technology for good cause. Nanotechnology has the potential to make construction faster, cheaper, safer, and more varied. Nanotechnology allows the working of massive constructions rapidly

The use of nanotechnology involves in development of new concepts which can improve properties cement and construction metrial ex: alumina and silica. By using alumina and silica nanoparticles in cement increases the opportunity in the field of  ceramic, high strength composition & electronic applications. As the nanoparticles have good properties then they are in bulk of same substance.  They are economical and effective

Steel is one of the most widely used material for present construction nanotechnology helps to rectify the problems that occurred earlier. By using copper nanoparticles which reduces unevenness in steel surface, limits the stress raisers and also decreases the fatigue problem. The stress risers are responsible for initiating cracks known as fatigue failure . As the current steel structures based on reduction of allowable stress, and regular inspection regime which increases life cycle cost of structure and limits the effective use of resource hence the application of nanotechnology shows good results

The nano size steel produces strong cable. As the suspension bridges are supported with cables from one end to the other. The use of vanadium and molybdenum nanoparticles improves the delayed fracture problems associated with high strength bolts reducing the effects of hydrogen embrittlementwhen the tensile strength of tempered martensite steel exceeds 1,200 mpa even a very small amount of hydrogen embrittles the grain boundaries and the steel material may fail during use. This phenomenon, which is known as delayed fracture.hence the nanotechnology plays a vital role here.

Glass an important construction material.nano particle  titanium dioxide (tio2)  as coat glazing as they are sterilizing and anti-fouling properties which breakdown organic pollutants, volatile organic compounds and bacterial membranes good for human health. These tio2 absorbs rain water and acts as selfcleaning glass another nano application is fire resisting glass which obtained by sandwiched between glass panels formed of silica nanoparticles sio2

Coating is a important part of civil engineering by using the nano particle tio2 in coating material like paints the steel beams in construction can be protected from rain water which can cause rust.

Some risk from over usage of nano particle are .(1)as nano particle are very small they are. Airborne and waterborne nanoparticles enter from building ventilation and wastewater systems.hence filters are necessary(2) loss of privacy due to users interacting with increasingly intelligent building components.the technology at one side & fear of risk arises from these material. But over all nanotechnology is at good results at civil engineering.

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