Oops…! Is it drizzling or raining? –shall we start recharging!

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K. Bhasker rao ,

V. Nagarjuna reddy

Civil engineering

“god has created world but we civilized it………”

“we” stands to be civil engineers .civil meant to be

C-creation with courage in construction



I-important in


So without blinking our eyes in vein let us jump in to the topic. When i was in third grade i learnt that rain water is the purest form of water. But what actually is happening , we are leaving this purest form into drains.  Today in highly urbanized city like hyderabad, 92% of rain water is going into drains instead of recharging the ground water. This leads to two major problems.

V lack of ground water

V over flooding during monsoons

Our city receives 830 mm rainfall annually which over the entire area of hyderabad accounts to a whooping 539.5 billion hectares or 230   lit/person/day.

Our city founding fathers tried to store as much water as possible by constructing tanks across the city. But we keep encroaching upon the lakes and build concrete jungles with no scope for ground water recharge. The gravity of the drinking water crisis in the city can be gauged by crores of rupees being spent by the government in bringing water from krishna to godavari.

The flip side of water is the extreme level of flooding of our roads and homes during any brief spell of rainfall in the city .with flooding came a wide variety of diseases and traffic jams on the roads.

Rain water recharging is a simple yet very effective solution to all these problems. The rain water on your roof top can be easily harvested based on your requirement.

So let us learn a simple tip to harvest rain water.






The system mainly consists of the following sub components.

Ø catchment

Ø transportation

Ø first flush

Ø filter

V catchment:

The surface that receives rainfall directly is the catachment of rain water harvesting system .it may be terrace court yard, paved or open ground .the terrace may be flat rcc /stone roof or slooping roof .therefore the catachment is the area, which actually contributes rain water harvesting


V transportation:

Rain water from roof top should be carried through down take water pipes or drains which are uv resistant .at terrace mouth of the each drain should have wire mesh to restrict floating material.


V first flush:

First flush is a device used to flush off the water received in first shower .the first shower of rains needs to be flushed off to avoid contaminating storable/rechargeable water by the probable contaminants of atmosphere and the catachment of roof.


V filter:

There is always some skepticism regarding roof top rain water harvesting since doubts are raised that rainwater may contaminate ground water. Filers are used for the treatment of water to effectively remove turbidity colour and micro organisms.

There are different types of filters like

Sand gravel filters

Charcoal filters

Pvc-pipe filters

Sponge filters

In this method rain water collected from the roof of the building is diverted to storage tank with all the available explained system.

Excess water could be diverted to recharge system. Water from storage tank can be used for secondary purpose such as washing and gardening.

The main advantage of collecting and using the rainwater during rainy season is not only to save water from conventional sources, but also to save energy incurred on transportation and distribution of water at door step.

Now one aspect to be thought before winding up this article is more than half of this city is filled with sky scrappers and residential buildings. But the area covered by apartments is as much as residential building.

But the aspect is that the surface of the apartment in altitude wise is high compared to residential living hence placing the drainers at every floor and connected to a special tank would fetch as much water which can fill the thirst of our livelihood.

Nothing can be started by a single move ,nothing can be achieved by a beautiful thought ……… let us live………,saving earth at every step…………get going    nation. Go…… civil engineers.

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