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The city of sails, is an amazing place to be with friends. From the moment the we landed in auckland to the time we got back home..what an amazing time it was!!! Venturing out onto queens street at midnight in search of food, the patty less veg burger that prasanna and i ate at mcd on the first night, the secret photoshoot in skycity, trying our luck in going against the ascent of an escalotor, clicking pictures at random places on the roads, new friends and crashing at dawn followed by donuts and another adventurous trip to waikei island- the unplanned trek, getting drenched in the rain, trespassing into a restricted area, running around in the so called “kaho na pyaar hai” beach..slipping off a cliff, the hot chocolate on the ferry, the kiwi fruits sponsored by sir, dinner at calcutta walaa…yummy paneer and walking down queens street all over again! The first day of the congress, brunch at the international food court..the chopsticks video by the lkwer, the special warm water for throat ache..the google map search for the university..meeting my good friend there, the sleepy but enilightening first session, the various ice breakerz with an amazing host sunkee and the barbeque as a part of the ieee networking process. The humanitarian discussion amidst late night walk to the harbour and the unpredictable weather. Once again, hunt for food and the bangalorean touch to the pizza, walking in late for the session next morning. The gini interaction and the cold lunch..the lounge at uoa with intentions of working seriously! Ending up in an awkward situation due to laden, getting decked up for the congress dinner and getting lost on the way to the floating pavilion and again sunkee’s last minute help, cheering for the lkws and the other awards at the table, working all night at the base lounge for the next day’s sessions, the mac’s charger :(..the weird tasting chips from the vending machine, reaching the university on schedule for the first time..the cold breakfast..the survey papers during the gini session, the indepth problems faced by women brought up during the wie panel discussion, using wie hyderabad questionnaire in the session :), the green-apple lunch, the blurred snap with all wie delegates, the humanitarian session :), walking around the university, delegates forum with the guys, the unplanned cultural night with the pizzaz…the besura song and the unplanned dancing along with the exchanging gifts and cheering the other groups..and ofcourse the inperson interviews with some friends..the cards nightout with the delegates from pakistan, reaching late to the univ next day, the random photosession..missing out on kelly tarltons..the mission bay walk, the starbucks coffee…the last day in auckland…visited the mueseum, the lovely winter garden, finally kelly tarltons…and the penguins ,the chicken fans at kfc, the 60cent swirl at mcd, the random shopping for souveniors and the sky tower the ieee meet on top of skytower, the nightout at the base lounge again with m&ms..the dint work out mt.eden plan…the ieee discussion in the room..the rugby bag, the ‘amanda’ ride to the airport and the gelato :p, the malaysian hospitality along with ieee discussions at various times during the flight to saying goodbye to the entire gang at the kuala lumpur airport..and not to forget the free wifi and the chocolate touch of mcd..and  and also a lot of other moments that i couldnt fit in out here!

The other things which are now sweet memories that will be cherished forever.

The entire week was a roller-coaster ride

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