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Everytime we have a problem we find that solace with our parents.every time we need to share our feelings we turn towards our parents.the strength we get from our parents and our family can never be measured a any point of time.parents

Give away their future for the betterment of their kids.

But in the recent times,a drastic change is being observed both in parents and kids.the fact that

Communication gap

Is admist them is clear like a crystal.but why this gap is the quesion washing every brain! The influence of the fashion and trendy culture is a contribuing factor.the generation gap on one hand and over concern on the other is also affecing the bonds.

Children are to be given freedom to think and act for their lives.but at the

Same time it is the responsibility

Of us to behave and use the given freedom in a righteous way and improve ourselves.parents shouldn’t confine them and what exactly our generation expects is a friendly movement with their parents.parents should try to understand their kids,when they take too much care..thier love or affection results in restrictions,troubling both of them.

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