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Lifestyle-the dictionary meaning of this word generally refers to the way a person lives. All of us have our own way living life and having fun. Do we need a tv soap or a book to tell us or inform us about our lifestyle? Most of us would say no to that question. I would say we may not need someone to tell us about the way we live or do things but definitely, if someone is sharing their ideas or views of how to make life better then there is nothing wrong in lending our ears to such ideas for a while.

Ndtv good times is one such tv channel which is the first of its kind in our country. This channel features so many interesting ideas from cooking to travelling to health shows to technology to heritage! Highway on my plate is an all time favourite show of mine!

This show features two foodies rocky and mayur who go around the country in search of good food. Away! Is a travel show where arun thapar takes you around the world’s most scenic holiday spots. The single female traveller is another travel show where economic and adventure travelling is promoted.the big fat indian wedding is a show which covers different kinds of weddings in india thereby showing us different cultures and heritages existing in the country.

Apart from these there are also shows for the tech-savvy,for the animal lovers and the nature lovers and also for the health conscious.the channel has an amazing set of journalists working hard persistently to present india as an amazing piece of the world! It is also always a treat to the eye to watch these shows. They are always better entertainers than a sad movie or a bad realty television show!


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