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Diaspora- an open alternative to facebook

Diaspora, an open and distributed social network, gives you the opportunity to enjoy the fruits of social networking along with the ultimate control of data in your hand.

Diaspora is being developed by young minds of courant institute of mathematical sciences,newyork university. Dan grippi, maxwell salzberg, raphael sofaer, and ilya zhitomirskiy are those

Who contributed.diaspora is going to compete with facebook in near future with its unique features- moreintuitive and effective control of your data privacy settings and is self-hosted. So you can ultimately control all your data, which facebook has failed to provide.a blog posted by facebook’s developer support team announced that application developers can access your home addresses and phone numbers (if you use their app). This sets the alarm ringing.diaspora is going to provide more secure and flexible social networking mode, where facebook lags behind.

Any existing pod running diaspora software. Unlike facebook where cloud is owned by the person or company, the pod can be owned by any user, institute or organization.

Presently, alpha version of diaspora has been released. Diaspora enables you to share whatever, with whomever you want. So friends, explore it! Hope you like it!

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