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The republic day in our college also celebrated as the annual day of the college was surely a memorable

Day or a day of honour for every grietian.this republic day was no less and we had a remarkable

Experience as we had the opportunity of having the hrd minister mrs.d.purandeshwari admist us!

The other focusing fact is that our gemz team has got the rare opportunity of interviewing her and share

Her thoughts with us!It was truely pleasing that even with her busy schedule,she did spend nearly 10 minutes

With our would be very bad on my part if i didn’t thank our beloved principal sir for helping us attain

And utilize this rare and precious chance.

I was in awe of her, she ofcourse a great orator, bounded us to our places with her speech.when asked about the

Support expected from the young generations,she said ideas are the key factors  needed in our country abd it is

Leadership that takes us forward.

Her presence with us was an amazing one and her message to he students was  a valuable one.we must be thankful

To our college administration for providing us with this chance and  for taking it well all through!


Cse iii yr

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