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One of the dan brown’s famous works which runs around the ancient facts and modern believes of the

Christianity definitely worth a reading.the story runs in a french environment where the curator of the

Louvre museum is assasinated by an monk who is set upon the mission to find the hidden sceret that is

Guarded  over fom times in memory

The mystery thriller is a genre replete with potholes where the unwary author can stumble again and

Again, bringing their novel to a disillusioned halt before the reader ever reaches the end.

There can be problems with characters who are more cliché than realistic, plot devices that require an

Inordinate amount of suspension of disbelief, obvious facts that everyone can ascertain except for the

Character who needs to know it the most, important information left out of the story and then conveniently

Placed at the end to provide for the surprise twist, and not all plot lines being brought to a successful

Conclusion by the time the story is over. Not only must the author avoid those traps, but he must provide a

Protagonist whose skin we can comfortably inhabit, a mystery that challenges our intelligence,

And enough believable twists and turns to keep the reader turning the pages. The da vinci code by

Dan brown does all this just right.this is how a mystery thriller should be written.


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