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1. If one type of weight can balance 5 gold coins or 4 silver coins, then ten weights of the same type can balance 20 gold coins and how many silver coins in the same scale pan?

2 .heres a punchy clue to a series question.cubes and squares can be one and the same,but if this so happens,they need a new name,squbes sounds ok, so i’ll leave it at that,but can you now tell me where the next one is at?

64      729      4,096      15,625   ?

3 .alex,ryan,ant steven are sports fans.each has a different favourite sport among football,baseball and basketball.alex does not like basketball;steven does not like basketball or each persons favourite sport.

4. A man spent three-fourths of his money and then lost three-fourths of the remainder.he has $6 much money did he start with?

5. In a foreign language ,”rota mena lapy” means large apple tree, “rota firg” means small apple,and “mena mola” means large pineapple.which word means tree?

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