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“success is moving from a failure to another without loosing our enthusiasm”.never be down coz you’ve lost the end of failure lies another task through which our dreams can be fulfilled.let’s resolve ourminds such that we’ll never let ourselves down in any aspect of our life.i hope that this new year marks a newera in our lives!
Wishing everyone that this new year brings in great amount of hope and happiness in our life and give us the necessary stamina to prove ourselves!The new year resolutions we take ensure us that “we can do it” aswe strive to keep up with them.the first festival of the year,the pongal has brought us happiness all its way,with yummiest dishes at  home…the colors filling up the rangolis…the kites colouring up the sky!
January holds an important day of the indian constitution,the republic day, within reminding us not onlyour rights and duties but also the fact that we are responsible to brighten up the future of out country.let’swork together in making our country a beautiful abode to live in…a country to be proud of…lets make indiaa developed country. Jai hind!

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