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Amidst all the activities happening in the college, spirals was the most eye-catching event happened in the recent days, totally different from all the fests & seminars conducted across many engineering colleges, spirals conducted at our college was one of the most encouraging events of recent days.

It showed students a way of projecting themselves in this ever fast growing e-world. It conducted many events which encouraged students to participate in all of them and boosted confidence by allowing them to give their best shot among huge audience. Our staff was encouraging throughout the event.

There were many such events where registrations were closed before expected closing time due to overwhelming participation from students. This was one of the events which were not limited to any specialization, any branch or any year. It was open to everyone without any registration charges. There were spot registrations to many events which helped students to register themselves who could not register beforehand.

There was huge participation and enormous progressing positive energy all around.

Events like public speaking, debates, and stage craft helped students to overcome stage-fear and gave them an opportunity to prove themselves by sharing their thought

Provoking ideas.

Puzzles & scrambles was one of the challenging events which made our minds work high speed and gave our hearts an impulsive pulse reaction for every solution.

Drawing was the event which took many from a fun-crafting child painter to a matured techno artist.

Flashback was the event where students could rarely flash their eyes. Mind recollecting the words, eyes framing the letters and me dictating them back was the most amazing combo of mind, eyes and me.

Spirals made a mark in every griet student with its innovative events and fantabulous organization. I‘m looking forward to participate in many such events to be conducted by our college.


Cse-3rd year

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