Social networking

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Social networking

The most common activity in the current scenario is social networking.ask any person, of late, about their schedule in their free time,9 on 10 would say social networking!


Recent successful networking sites that are being used all around the world!

Man,everyone is getting so addicted to it,not that i’m not one among those!

I feel so happy because of the fact that,using these websites,i am able to get connected to my old buddies after

A very long communication not only helps me to get back to old ones but also make new pals all around

The world.being a cse student,using these sites,also helps us in growing curious about the services that are

Being used in it,the way seurity is being provided in them, etc.

Because of my technicalinterests,im always inspired by these sites through which every corner of the world is being touched,and bonds of friendship is growing faster and stronger each and every moment as the gap is getting filled because of amazing technologies.kudos to social networking!


ii yr cse.

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