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You can win!
Shiv khera’s awesome work meant for anyone and everyone is a high valued book which circles around lifeand the way it is meant to be lived.for sure after reading this book we realise the importance of attitude in every walk our life.
It is a mistake if we consider it to be one of those philosophical books.shiv khera delicately explains attitude and its importance in life using beautiful and  well picked stories which highlight his message and his principlesthis book is one of its kind,which helps us in realizing our true potential,as it turns as a weapon for us throughthe action plans, that are mentioned throughout the book,will bring an change in one’s life…atleast better improvement than before!
This book is a real treat and  covers  all aspects of our competitive and corporate life, in simple and well explained 8 chapters covering the vital areas likeimportance of attitude,success,motivation,self-esteem,interpersonal skills,goal ,values and vision, thus proving that “winner doesn’t do the different things they do the things differently”

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