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1. A professional bass fisherman caught 30 bass during a five day tournament.

Each day,he caught three more fish than the day many fish did he catch the first day?

2.nine men and seven women pick as much corn in five days as seven men and eleven women pick in four days.who are the better corn pickers and by how much?’s another opportunity to use analytical reasoning,but this puzzle has a slightly different a foreign language:
“kaf navcki roi” means “take three pieces.”
“kir roi palt” means “hide three coins”
“inoti kaf kir” means “cautiously take coins”
how would you say “hide pieces cautiously” in this language?
4.the diagram below is the beginning of a @magic square@ in which all rows and columns and both diagnols add up to 34.
Can you fill in the rest of the numbers?
1 8 13 12
14 ? ? ?
4 ? 16 ?
15 ? ? ?

5.heres a punchy clue to a series question.cubes and

Squares can be one and the same,but if this so happens,

They need a new name,squbes sounds ok, so i’ll leave it

At that,but can you now tell me where the next one is at?


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