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It’s a simple question – Do we really do what we are actually interested in?

Some are not aware of their talent; most don’t even know their interests.

Our youth just blindly follows current trends and students don’t choose their career according to their interest.

So many real life situations qualify that fact. For example, if a student is very good in cooking and wants to study hotel management, one thought comes to his mind as to what his relatives and neighbors would think, saying ” This boy is going to college to cook food, to serve chaai pani in a hotel!”.

Because of this single thought, people back out and their parents also do not support them. I do agree that not all parents think the same, but it is the parents’ job to support their child’s desire and allow them to choose whichever career they want to get into.

If a person is doing what he really wants, he can achieve great heights of success. Even a failure in his past can be a success in his future, because he is happy with what he is doing. If the great artist MF HUSSAIN had thought of his earnings for painting, he would have been an ordinary person, not an extraordinary one as he was.

The only problem with us is that everyone willingly or unwillingly wants to become “a doctor or an engineer” and do not want to think of something new or start something new, just because of a fear that if we don’t choose our option as doctor or engineer , we may not earn as much  money.

We think about money, status and everything but not our own “satisfaction”, which is very important, because satisfaction is the only thing which gives us happiness and peace.

So do whatever you feel like doing, without bothering about what the society really thinks about you, because at last, YOU are the one who has to live for yourself. And if you, by yourself, choose your career, then even if you don’t achieve success, you will never blame others for it.


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