Human?? Yes! Humanity?

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Well Hi peeps!! I’m Shreya, pursuing my Civil Engineering second year. Okay so, I would end my intro with that.

Like any other typical girl, I wish to buy cool stuff, get pampered, be my friend’s first choice and travel to NY just to shop! I feel really blessed because my mom and dad have never let me feel the pain they endure to fulfil my never ending wish list. My mom always said I never knew the value of money and like the most common teenager I never paid attention, as long as I kept getting things I wanted. My bad, I never realised what she wanted to tell or teach me. All of us claim to be good at least most of us, don’t we? We want friends, parties, pictures, fame and life as smooth as a cake walk. Have we ever stepped into someone else’s shoe? Have we ever tried to help at least a needy person? Have we ever donated a pair of clothes? Leave about trying to help or donating stuff, have we ever at least thought of doing something like this?

In the recent years we have seen so many incidents which have blown our minds away, what did we do? Felt bad for the rape victims and flooded the social networking sites with condolences, some sensitive people wept but just in a few days’ notice we hear of the same incident yet again…

Amir Khan’s show gets good trp, people switched to Star Plus every Sunday and they were exposed to various anti-social occurrences in the country.

BUT yet question remains the same…how can we put an end to this? Who’s the one to be blamed?

Will there ever be a change? Or will the situations worsen??

I recently shifted to a new house and to catch my college bus every morning I have to cross a signal. As days passed I noticed an uncle who sold car wipes at the same signal. As I began to notice him a little closer I saw that he dint have his right hand. Which made me feel very sad. Like any other handicapped I thought he would have a pale face full of miseries and would go about selling the wipes. But to my surprise I saw him smile at every single car.

Have you ever thought you could ever work with your left hand only? And in spite of the misfortune, smile each and every day?

This man is just an ordinary seller on the road yet he teaches us a lesson. Now as a 19 year old teen i can’t bring about any change in his life. So I spoke to my parents about it and now my dad gives him 500 each month, now this will not solve all of his problems in life but surely would help him in a small way.

As a young teen at the moment we really can’t do something which will change the face of the society we live in, but surely we can do little things like giving a chocolate to the little beggar on the road, donate clothes, visit the orphanages and make someone smile etc…

“What was the saddest moment of your life?”

“When I got taken away from my mom when I was six.”

“Do you still speak with her?”

“Honestly, I wouldn’t even know what to say to her. I don’t even remember her face. But I remember that day.”

(Source – humans of NY)

Spending money your parents give you is very easy, you really can’t make wonders happen at this time, but you surely can make a little impact on someone’s life.

Don’t forget to smile when you look at the mirror today :-)

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