“A Trip to remember, becomes a nightmare”

by / Monday, 28 July 2014 / Published in Uncategorized
Every year, hundreds of engineering students from across Hyderabad visit Shimla-Manali as part of an anticipated educational tour. Being an Engineering student myself, when I first heard the news, the thought that struck me was – It could have been anyone! Knowing the college and having friends from there who could have been in the situation was a scary feeling. Watching the aftermath of the accident unfurl on television was just as equally harrowing as the news itself. The sight of the agonized parents at the college and the authorities responding only reminded me that anyone or even I could have been the victim!The fault lies in the dam authorities who made an oblivious mistake. A simple alert message or a sign could have prevented 24 students being washed away in seconds. But no matter who we choose to blame, the fact remains the same : what has happened can’t be undone. Too many young lives and dreams have been abridged with no fault of theirs. One can only imagine what the family of the victims and the survivors must be going through. Hope they find strength and courage after a tragedy like this.
Also hope this serves as an eye-opener to the dam management as the spot is frequently visited and more incidents like this can be avoided.
Sindhoora K
IV Year (IT)

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